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Quality policy


May 19,2014


Concerning the floods which occurred in Obrenovac, fortunately our factory Bioprotein had no major problems since it is located at slightly higher field.

Now, when the situation in Obrenovac is improving (May 23,2014) and the water is receding we are trying to find the way to continue with our production and customer service. Since the majority of our clients are factories specialized for the production of animal feed and farms we are aware that, despite of their comprehension, it is essential to supply them with necessary components.

Currently our factory has no electricity and technical vapor which is necessary for the production of soybean.

Many houses of our employees are affected by these troubles, we are still collecting the data and we will find the way to help them.

We would like to thank to all our friends and business partners who have called us and have offered to help, thank you because you have cared for us.

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