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Quality policy


August 08,2014


In early August 2013, we began construction of a new factory for the production of animal feed as part of the Bankom Group.

On 6th of August 2014 factory started production and you can recognize our new brand by the name Premier. The new factory is located in our complex Bioprotein in Obrenovac, and occupies an area of about 3000 square meters.

New factory has a capacity of 25 tons of finished animal feed per hour and is equipped with the most modern equipment for the production of animal feed. The whole process of feed production is fully automated, which guarantees high quality products. Within factory two separate lines for the production of animal feed were constructed with two mixers capacity of 2 tons and 1 ton, two pellet mills capacity of 12 tons per hour and 6 tons per hour. At the end of the manufacturing process there are automated packaging lines which allows us different packaging of the product in 10kg, 20kg, 40kg or bulk packages.

Animal feed factory is supported by its own laboratory, which is located near the factory. In this laboratory we perform physical-chemical, microbiological and mycotoxicological testing of raw materials and finished products. In this field we also cooperate with external accredited laboratories in the country and abroad.

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