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Quality policy


Soybean processing

Before entering of soybean into the plant, we perform control tests. With the help of test-strips for determination  traces of genetically modified soybean (Gene Scan Europe), at the entrance point  to the factory, for less than five minutes, with 100% certainty, we determine whether soybean is not genetically modified, so it can enter the plant.

We use only NON GMO soybean as a raw material for all our products!

Also, we perform the analysis of final products in analytical and microbiological laboratories, documented with the relevant certificates.

Soybean, in Bioprotein ad, is processed in a completely natural way, only with the help of steam, and without usage of hexane or other chemical solvents! Special hydrothermal treatment and toasting at the desired temperature, removes all anti-nutritive factors that increases the utilization of protein. The process of transformation is completely natural, healthy and safe.

Refining capacity of the factory is 50,000 tons of soybeans annually.

At the 72nd International Agricultural Fair held in Novi Sad from 14th to 21 May 2005, Bioprotein won four gold and two silver medals for the quality of their products.

At the 74th International Fair of Agriculture 2007 products of our factory was rewarded with six gold medals.

In December 2007. year, Bioprotein received the certificates ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP, accreditation from the prestigious German TÜV.

25.11.2011.Into the factory was officially implemented GMP+ standard.

As another proof of good quality policy, Bioprotein has implemented a prestigious Kosher, Halal and FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) standards.

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